Gamification Manifest

After writing three books about gamification and founding the Gamification Academy in 2015, we felt it was time to write a gamification Manifest. It is a draft version that we would like to use as an ‘open’ discussion’ with our network. This is why we share it today, 19-5-2019. Share your thoughts in our Linkedin Group!

WHY (we exist)

The professional playground is changing faster and faster. With the continuous growth of access to the internet and connectivity through mobile devices with everyone and everything on our globe. Consumer demand and technological innovation evolves faster than (large) organizations can adapt to. This calls for a new way of (living and) working.

Ever since the introduction of smartphones, downloading games and playing them took a larger part of our media consumption than ever before. Games are the third most used form of content after social media and shopping. (source: ). One could say that games are becoming the new standard to interact with each other. Whether it is in sports (e-sports), communication (collaboration through PlayStation team-speak) or training on the job (serious games and gamification).

Apart from this we notice a trend that our work life balance is changing and (young-minded) professionals seek more and more meaningful purposes in their life and a healthy job / work environment that supports or aligns with their personal purpose.

WHAT (we value)

Gamification means using game mechanics in a setting that is not necessarily a game context. The way we want to apply game mechanics is focused on increasing personal and professional progress. In this continuous pursuit of optimizing our work and life processes we have chosen a set of values to be our guiding principles. These are:

Basic values

    • Curiosity (explore the world and discover innovational and playful solutions)
    • Order & Structure: following clear steps towards our goal, for instance using agile tools, the gamification canvas, or the GameStorm method to get to the essence of a problem (or challenge)
  • Creativity: a tool to invent concepts that support solving the problem at hand

Connecting values

    • Fun / Playfulness: using game mechanics to achieve the goals we pursue
  • Achievement / Progress: as the serious objective that clients and organizations give us

Highest value

  • Unbound: always being able to deliver an honest and professional independent opinion. Ethical and positive use of game mechanics will always prevail above commercial use. We should pursuit an optimal balance between fun (giving energy and joy / happiness) and functionality (achieving objectives that were set by or for the players)

We are not lead by commercial drives in our consulting and concept development.

WHO (are our players)

Generation Z, Y, X, all grew up with access to smartphones and x.G internet. The training, methods and tools we develop should always appeal to innovative thinkers and support their pursuit of perpetual personal / professional progress. We want to match mechanics with their motivations to support a satisfying way of working that contributes continuously to a healthy life/work balance.

Any organization that can benefit from the use of game mechanics for ethical and positive purposes will be invited to learn the power of play.

We do not support organizations involved in deliberately doing harm to the globe. By principle we avoid organizations that are harmful to health or freedom of belief and speech.

WHICH (products and services)

With our partnernetwork of professional game designers and gamification consultants we continuously develop new training, methods and tools to support future generations.

WHEN (to get involved)

The time to change is now… Earth overshoot day is predicted to arrive in 2050. Which means we are using up all the resources that earth can provide us in a year. We need to work dramatically different and start thinking, acting and working sustainable and circulair.

This means we need to be able to profit more from each others creativity and intelligence. We can work more efficiently, decreasing cost and increasing revenues if we share.

We need to continuously transform challenges into change in a fun and functional way to prevent earth and human beings from a indefinite burnout.

WHERE (more information and get involved)

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