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The Gamification Academy

What we do

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The Gamification Academy is a dynamic community that provides training and education creating game changers and gamification experts throughout Europe.

What we do

We help organizations and their employees to become a game changer on the continuously – faster – changing business playground. We provide fun and functional tools, like the GameStorm Method and various serious games. 

How we do this

By providing proven gamification methods & tools that activate individuals to help them to transform challenges into changeWe offer three different ways to become part of our community and playground:

  1. Free information, inspiration and an evergrowing number of downloads on this website.
  2. Become a Member of the Academy and gain acces to detailed case descriptions, join our network and contribute as much as you like. Please fill out the contact form if you with to reach out!
  3. Become an authorized GameStorm Trooper and make the GameStorm Method a business model that works for you (including all of the above).

Why we do this

Because we believe that playing is the most natural form of learning!



The GameStorm Methode

The Playground

The first step in a GameStorm session is to define the dynamics on the current professional playground, which players (internal and external stakeholders) contribute to the organization’s success?

The Players

We call the partcipants of GameStorm sessions ‘Game Changers’. They have to determine the Top 3 Players (stakeholders) on their playground. Are these stakeholders contributing to revenues in a positive or negative way?

The Purpose

Each game changer writes down three keywords that should describe the objective (purpose, mission, goal). What is the most important purpose you or your organization should pursue? How can this quest be made as S.M.A.R.T. as possible?

The Play

Now let’s start playing and transform the challenges into an actionable plan for change! Killers versus creatures, do versus don’t. Ending up with behaviours that will overcome the challenges.